Minijojo Seller Policy



MINIJOJO provides sellers a reliable platform where they can sell their products very easily and, are able to grow their businesses. All sellers have to abide by the general obligations, if any one does not meet the criteria set by Minijojo Pty Ltd, they may have to face penalties, suspension or even some cases permanent termination of the account.

All sellers are expected to provide honestly accurate and true information, these include but not limited to providing accurate information about products, images, inventory, prices, product description etc must not be deceiving or false. The images of products and their description must be accurate about the actual product. Customer service is our first priority, all sellers have to make sure that they are fulfilling their orders quickly and deliver as soon as possible using reliable means of shipping.

(Note: At the moment MINIJOJO is just registering for domestic sellers. MINIJOJO will possibly start registering international sellers from 1st july 2020. The terms for international sellers will be announced soon.)

MINIJOJO’s rules and regulation regarding selling products on MINIJOJO’s website ( are but not limited to as follow:

  1. The information which sellers need to provide to get registered with MINIJOJO is but not limited to; providing full information about their business, business address, their phone numbers, email addresses, their ABN numbers if they are in Australia, they will have to provide their IDs in order to confirm their registration with MINIJOJO.
  2. The information provided must be true and accurate.
  3. Australian sellers having business address in Australia (delivery pickup address) are not required to pay any registration fee.
  4. All sellers must have to ensure safety and privacy of customers’ related information including but not limited to phone numbers, addresses, names and the like. In case of breaching these rule sellers may have to face high penalties, suspension and termination of account or even court trial in certain cases.
  5. One seller cannot have more than one account.
  1. The counterfeit products are not allowed on MINIJOJO. In case of listing counterfeit product your product will be removed and your account will be fined for a minimum of $ 500 AUD and can be higher as well. There could be suspension and termination of account as well.
  2. No seller is allowed to list anything in anyway which encourage customers to leave MINIJOJO’s platform and/or buy directly from sellers store or from somewhere else.
  3. MINIJOJO only allows brand new products. (No second hand products are allowed on MINIJOJO).
  4. MINIJOJO does not allow any products or listings which may infringe the intellectual property of others including but not limited to trade mark, copy right patents and the like.
  5. All sellers have to make sure before listing that they are not breaking the rules. In case of any infringement the account holder may be fined minimum of $ 500 AUD, which may increase in certain cases.
  6. MINIJOJO does not allow sellers to modify their product from existing product to a new one.
  7. If any seller tries to list any prohibited product the seller will be fined a minimum of $ 30 AUD.
  8. The information about the product must be accurate and true. In case of inaccurate information the product will be removed and there might be suspension or termination of account.
  9. Sellers are not allowed to list duplicate products.
  10. Any misleading products or listings are prohibited. If any seller is involved in such practice, the seller will be fined a minimum of $ 100 AUD and the seller will have to refund money for all orders of that particular product made in last 30 days and the products will not be returned as well. The sellers’ account will remain suspended during the conflict resolution. The sellers’ account may be terminated and the sellers will be blocked from using the seller services on MINIJOJO’s platform.
  11. Sellers are not allowed to manipulate the reviews and ratings of their products and stores. In such a case the seller will be fined a minimum of $ 100 AUD and account will remain suspend for a time period of 15 days starting from the date of penalty imposed.
  12. MINIJOJO does not allow any illegal and unsafe products to make sure the safety of individuals and communities.
  13. Sellers are not allowed to increase the price of any existing product at all.
  14. Sellers are required to get approval from MINIJOJO for listing products. MINIJOJO reserve the right to accept or decline any product without any reason.
  15. MINIJOJO does not deal with minor sensitive products at all. (Minor sensitive products means; where we have to make sure by law that the person ordering for any product is an adult, such as porn, alcohol, tobacco, electric cigarettes etc ).
  16. MINIJOJO does not allow to sale anything prohibited or not allowed by Australian Government.
  17. MINIJOJO does not allow any medicine which needs prescription by any medical practitioner such as doctor etc.
  18. MINIJOJO does not allow any recalled products by government and other related authorities such as manufacturer etc.
  19. Information provided in this page is not all-inclusive prohibited products, you should study regulations of government regarding this and consult your legal adviser before you start selling online.
  20. If you sell anything in violation of the law or any of MINIJOJO’s policies, we may take such actions but not limited to as without notice suspension or terminating account, destroying goods on the way to deliver or not to deliver, reporting to related authorities, terminate business relations etc. The sale of illegal or unsafe products can also lead to legal action, including civil and criminal penalties.
  21. MINIJOJO does not allow you to use any material such as pictures etc which are related to any accident, crime scene, drugs including smoking etc,
  22. MINIJOJO does not allow you to sell your product in any other category than its original one, such as you cannot list and sale a shirt in the category of shorts.
  23. You are not allowed to list and sell same thing with different prices.
  24. Anything which to manipulate browsing and search on our websites is prohibited.
  25. Sellers cannot list their products at higher prices than they have listed on other platforms.

MINIJOJO can promote any of your products at any time. In such a case following rules but not limited to will be applied;

  1. Sellers are not allowed to raise the prices of products and shipping costs at all. For example, if a seller puts a product on a discount price and after MINIJOJO starts promoting that product the seller bring the price back to its original or increase the discounted price or increase the shipping cost, such activity is not allowed. In such a case the account will be fined a minimum of $ 200 AUD and account will face a suspension of 30 days starting from the date of penalty imposed.
  2. The seller cannot decrease the inventory of promoted products for the time period of promotion at all. In such a case account will face a penalty of $ 200 AUD and will remain suspended for 5 days.
  3. If any seller disables of remove the promoted product, the account will be fined $ 600 AUD and will remain suspended for a time period of 15 days.
  4. Sellers are not allowed to edit the promoted product. In such a case the account will be fined $ 100 AUD and account will remain suspended for 5 days.
  5. New variations are not allowed in promoted products, such as size, colour, height and the like.

MINIJOJO is not providing fulfilment service for orders at the moment. Sellers have to arrange their orders fulfilment. We have following rules but not limited to in this regard;

  1. All orders must be dispatched within 2 business days. If any seller fails to fulfil and dispatch order in 2 business days the amount may be refunded to customer. The customer can also request for refund if order is not dispatched in 2 business days. where sellers are bound to refund full amount to customer.
  2. If any seller has high number of refunded orders his account will be suspended.
  3. Sellers must provide parcel tracking information in customer’s note when the order is completed and dispatched.
  4. Deceptive fulfillment is not allowed, a fine of Dollar $ 100 AUD will be imposed per case.
  5. Order cancellation by seller will result into $ 10 AUD fine. And account will be blocked for 7 days.
  1. If a customer cancels order and issues a refund request before confirmed shipping. The seller has to process full refund as soon as possible.
  2. If a seller refunds the order, he will not be eligible for payment for that order.
  3. Sellers are responsible for full refund, if an order is fulfilled and dispatched later than 2 business days of order.
  4. Sellers are responsible for full refund in case of customer size issue.
  5. If a seller is involved in fraudulent activity, he will be responsible for full refund.
  6. Seller is responsible for a full refund in case if the product sold and delivered is not according to their listing on MINIJOJO’s website.
  7. The seller will be responsible for full refund if any refund case happens during the suspension period of that particular seller.
  8. The seller will have to refund, if any product of his store is marked as counterfeit.
  9. The seller will refund full amount, if the goods are delivered to a wrong addresses.
  10. In case if a seller shipped incomplete order he will be responsible for a full refund.
  11. In case of failed delivery, the seller will refund full amount.
  12. In case a product is marked as delivered but the customer does not receive the product, then the seller will be responsible for full refund.
  13. The seller is responsible for full refund if the products are dangerous or illegal in the country of customer’s shipping address.
  14. Customer can contact Minijojo for refund or any assistance. Minijojo have access to sellers stripe account and can process refunds on behalf of sellers of Minijojo.
  15. The sellers can have their own refund policy.
  16. All sellers on are bound to accept returns from customers within 30 days from date of sale.

If a customer is not satisfied with the product the customer can ask for return or exchange. And sellers can act according to their own refund and exchange policy.

In case of account suspension the account of a seller is blocked or suspended for a limited time period or permanently. In this case many actions could be taken such as, the payments of the store could be held for a short period of time or in some cases permanently and store could be responsible for a full refund of the products.

The reason for termination or suspension of an account can be many. The common reasons for suspension of an account include but not limited to are as below;

  1. Try to ask customers send money directly.
  2. Bad customer service.
  3. Try to deceive customers or MINIJOJO.
  4. Asking customers for their personal information.
  5. Try to sell fake or counterfeit products.
  6. Not meet the criteria of MINIJOJO’s policies.
  7. Try to ask customers or to invite them directly to their stores outside the MINIJOJO’s website.
  8. Try to list prohibited products, prohibited by both the MINIJOJO and the government.
  9. Linked with any other account or a seller who is suspended at MINIJOJO.
  10. Refund ratio of that store is very high.
  11. If a merchant has very high prices than usual for a product the account could be suspended.
  12. Providing fake tracking numbers.
  13. Sending packages to wrong addresses.
  14. Late fulfilments.
  15. In case the merchant try to harass the staff of MINIJOJO or its properties.
  16. Try to throw links of their stores outside MINIJOJO, in the description or anywhere on or its affiliates or in the customers note or in customers’ personal contacts.
  1. Commission for services:

MINIJOJO charges sellers a commission on the value of the product. The commission rate might be different for different categories or for other reasons. Minijojo charges commission on the price of the product. For example, if a product has a price of $100 and its shipping cost is 10 dollars, then MINIJOJO will charges commission on 100 dollars. The vendors will pay for the shipping.

For more info click here..

  1. Tax:

In case, if you are an Australian seller having domestic business address, you will be responsible for paying GST on your sales. When a seller lists his products or services on our website the seller must put the total price of the product; including GST or any other taxes. See Seller guide…  

  1. Shipping:

The seller will pay and receive for the shipping fee. Seller can offer free shipping or paid shipping for their products. Free shipping is always attractive for customers. The sellers can do this by including full or partial shipping cost in the total value of the product. 

  1. Payments

    The sellers have option to withdraw their money from their Minijojo account. The payments are available to withdraw after 15 days of completion of an order. Remember you can only submit one request at one time. It means to submit next request for withdraw you need to wait for approval or rejection of you your previous request.

    Minijojo processes all withdraw requests in two rounds in a month;

    a: In first round all the requests made from date 1st to 15th of a month are processed.

     The payments for the first round are released from date 16th to 20th of the month.  

    b: In second round all the requests made from 16th to end of the month are processed.

    The payments for second round are released from date 1st to 5th of the month.

For more information see   Seller guide…

Note: MINIJOJO reserves right to changes its policies and procedures at any time without a notice. We are trying our best to assist sellers and buyers to enjoy best experience with MINIJOJO. Let’s make MINIJOJO a success.


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